About me

Why hire me?

I can add value to any organisation through my expertise and success having designed, created, delivered and implemented (e-)learning concepts, modules, training and assessments for several (international) companies. I also have a great deal of experience as a consultant and facilitator.

Not only have I acquired the relevant knowledge and skills during my studies and courses:

  • 2014: Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, CBD College Sydney
  • 2009: Essentials in Consulting and Change, SIOO (The Netherlands)
  • 2006: Master of Educational Science & Technology, University of Twente (The Netherlands)

Most importantly, I have gained 15+ years of first-class experience in successfully designing and developing training for organisations such as Woolworths, ABN AMRO, Air France KLM Cargo, Dutch Tax and Customs Administration, Ministry of Defence, ING Lease, NSW Justice Health and Diabetes Australia.

How do I work?

I’m a big fan of clear communication. Besides that I prefer to only perform work or services that will actually solve a problem and/or have added value for your organisation. Simply because I would be wasting your time otherwise, and there are few things less enjoyable than working on something that has no value and that won’t help anyone.

Therefore I work with a three-step-approach:

  1. Have a conversation to get a clear understanding of your question or the issue you’re facing and how I would be able to help you. If I don’t think I’m the right person for the job I’ll let you know, otherwise I’m more than happy to create an offer.
  2. Create and send you an offer or Statement of Work (SOW) that describes:
    • Project scope and preliminary plan: A quick overview of the situation, your question and my proposed solution.
    • Estimate hours and pricing: I like to work with a detailed planning (where possible) to be clear on what I’ll do and when, and what products you can expect.
    • Assumptions: The key assumptions the preliminary plan and pricing are based upon, including what input I will need from you.
  3. Get to work, once we agree on the Offer*, keeping you up to date on my progress on a regular basis.

*Unless otherwise agreed to in the Offer the following General Terms & Conditions apply to any Offer or SOW.

What do clients say about me?

“In 2012 Diana worked for us over a period of 6 months. During this time she developed, at our request, a ‘vision on learning’, and provided a comprehensive theoretical foundation. The vision Diana developed is of extremely high quality and is by now fully implemented in the Dukers & Baelemans business operations. It’s the basis for all the training programs we develop. During the time Diana was working for us, we got to know her as a passionate, loyal, creative and professional employee who has always done her work with great dedication and professionalism.”

Chris Baelemans & Ron Dukers
Owners of Dukers & Baelemans

“Diana Hartsink was initially selected at interview primarily on her previous work with education in the workplace. This experience proved invaluable and Diana’s input into how to develop and deliver adult education packages in Captivate meant that we provided an educational tool that was both highly effective and very well received by those using it. Not only was our staff educated with the end product, but also those of us working with Diana gained valuable skills on producing electronic educational tools for adults. In addition, Diana was able to sort out conflicting Standards documentation and produce a product that satisfied all requirements. On the technical issues, Diana was able to give the IT staff the information they needed and also to translate this into language that we non-technical staff could understand. Deadlines with this project were a major issue and Diana was extremely diligent, flexible, and resourceful and managed to produce a quality educational package in an extremely short timeframe. On a personal level, Diana was an absolute pleasure to work with and was easily accepted by all members of the JHeHS team and associated staff.”

Kate Laughlan
JHeHS Training Manager – NSW Justice Health

Why am I passionate about Organisational Learning?

After completing my Master of Educational Science and Technology at the University of Twente I  worked as an (e-)learning consultant for over 5 years. I developed learning materials for several (international) clients, from small e-learning modules to blended learning projects to developing and implementing a ‘vision on learning’ (educational approach).

Using my knowledge and skills to advice companies and especially to design and develop trainings on all kinds of subjects (i.e. from lease products to cleaning toilets in airplanes to new IT-systems) is something I really enjoyed doing. A combination of knowledge, creativity and teamwork, as I always worked together with subject matter experts, programmers and graphical designers.


A bit too often have I seen great looking e-learning modules or other learning materials being developed, delivered and used just once, before ending up in a drawer.


Because although looking brilliant, students/employees didn’t really learn what they had to learn and/or didn’t change their behaviour at the workplace. Even when the test at the end of a module or training said otherwise.

And that’s something I would like to change, because wouldn’t it be great if what we learned in (formal) trainings would actually stick and make a difference?

That’s why I’ve become an Organisational Learning consultant who helps companies organise learning in such a way that (formal) training sticks and leads to change. By making sure students/employees learn (short term), remember (long term) and are able to implement what they’ve learned in their workplace.