Nice to meet you! My name is Diana.

I’m an Organisational Learning Consultant with extensive experience in increasing the impact of training through innovative eLearning solutions. Passionate about driving meaningful change and ensuring training leads to actual learning and behavioural change.

Why hire me?

I bring over 15 years of first-class experience in designing, creating, and implementing impactful (e-)learning concepts, training, and assessments for several (international) organisations. My expertise spans across eLearning & instructional design, project management, and stakeholder engagement.

Key qualifications:

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, CBD College Sydney (2014)
  • Essentials in Consulting and Change, SIOO (2009)
  • Master of Educational Science & Technology, University of Twente (2006)
  • Bachelor of Educational Science & Technology, University of Twente (2004)

I have successfully developed training for organisations such as Woolworths, ABN AMRO, Air France KLM Cargo, Dutch Tax and Customs Administration, Ministry of Defence, ING Lease, NSW Justice Health, and Diabetes Australia.

How do I work?

As an Organisational Learning Consultant, I help organisations make sure formal training sticks and leads to change by:

  • Designing training that meets the learning objectives and the needs of the learners (Instructional Design)
  • Removing roadblocks within the organisation that prevent or demotivate employees from implementing what they’ve learnt (Learning & Organisational Development)

I’m a big fan of clear communication and like to focus on providing solutions that add real value to your organisation. My structured approach ensures that we understand the problem and develop effective solutions.

My three-step-approach:

  1. Initial consultation: Understand your needs and determine if I am the right fit. If not, I’ll refer you to someone who is.
  2. Proposal: Provide a detailed Statement of Work (SOW) outlining the project scope, estimated hours, pricing, and key assumptions.
  3. Implementation: Carry out the agreed plan while keeping you regularly updated on progress.

Unless otherwise agreed to in the SOW the following General Terms & Conditions apply to any.

Why am I passionate about Organisational Learning?

My journey in Organisational Learning began with my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and has since evolved through various roles where I’ve developed learning materials for (international) clients. I love combining knowledge, creativity, and teamwork to develop training that sticks and makes a real difference.

However, despite all the great-looking e-learning modules being developed, too often, they ended up gathering dust after a single use. They looked amazing, but somehow, they didn’t stick. People would ace the final test but then forget what they learned or fail to change their behaviour at work.

My mission is to ensure formal training not only educates but also results in lasting change in the workplace.

Contact me

Email me or call me at +61 468 487 202.